Saturday, December 31, 2011

Let's see what this new year brings, shall we???

Well, it's 11:40 at night and I couldn't help but think what has happened this year. Gosh! Too much in my opinion. Too much bad stuff anyway. But yet, I had some great moments to make up for all those bad moments. 
I've learned so much fro this year it's not even funny.............I'm's not. I know I'm only a teenager but I think I finally (or somewhat) understand the meaning of life: let's see how long you can deal with all this bulls**t before you explored! 
Well, I just got creeped out by someone setting off fireworks and a kid laughing like Chucky. So, I' gonna go now..........Howard and I hope everyone has a happy new year!!!!!

*Don't do laundry tomorrow, means you're gonna wash good people away from your life, and make sure to sweep your porch, means you're gonna sweep all the bad stuff out of your life!!!!!!!!!