Sunday, January 29, 2012

Choose your rate, choose your fate.

Growing up has to be one of the hardest things everyone goes through in their life. It's like you have to find out A LOT about yourself and make a plan for the future. And if you don't, then you're screwed. You need to support yourself financially and do something you love. That's one thing I'm struggling with. But I think I got it figured it now thanks to my uncle.
My uncle joined the army in the early 90's. To him it was more like; "Hey, I'm bored............I wanna join the military!" So that day he joined. Basic training about killed him. He was a smoker ("was" Thank God!!) and never ran a day in his life, what was he thinking??? But he always would say to me that the military was a good idea to get your life on the right path financially. He told me that I could join the military for three years and get a GI bill of $80,000 (now I know where all the country's money is going........) and plus the money I get for working for three years. It seems like a smart choice for me at this point. 
When I was thinking of a career I would like to do for the rest of my natural born life I came up with several, but I narrowed it down to architecture. I just like the idea of drawing out buildings. But since the economy is not very stable right now I wouldn't be able to do that. Which made me upset cause that was the career that I really wanted to do. But it was a 50/50 chance that I could make it big in that career. Either I was going to be really successful at it and make TONS of money or be dead broke. I didn't really want to take that chance because of Howard. One question I had in mind during the whole career hunting thing was; "Can I make enough money to support a horse???" I want to be able to keep Howard and not sell him off to anyone. He means too much to me!!! But while doing some research with my uncle, we, more like him, found out that the military has engineering in their many fields of chooses. Good! Now I can do what I like and still get a nice pay check! And if I live on the base, I wouldn't have to pay ANYTHING!!! He also told me these wise words; "Choose your rate, choose your fate." It pretty much means that what every field I choose I choose how my life is gonna end up to be.
But the one thing that scares me is that can I handle it? Can I handle the basic training and the crap that they will put me through. Erin has told me stories about when she was in the military (I know, I didn't really know that either until I told her about joining the myself.....she sure did have a lot of stories) and about how the embarrass you on the first day. But I would also have to get up at the crack of dawn and exercise like crazy. I think that the one thing I should be more concern about is that can I get in? My uncle told me that the military is being really picky about who they let join. But he also told me that females have a higher chance of getting in then males. Ha! Sucks to be a guy now, doesn't it? I decided that I would join ROTC at my school and do that for two years and maybe go to a community college for two years. As for the fiscally part, I'm just going to work out from now till then to tone up my body so basic training won't be that hard on me.
So all I can say is that I'm choosing my rate careful so my fate can end up good.


I haven't been out to ride much lately but last time I did I had a wonderful ride! I really focused on myself like I have been doing and doing my best NOT to blame Howard for not understanding. Cause after all, he's just a horse. 
We had really nice trot work. He was relaxed and his tempo was nice but a little slow. He is a lazy horse. But he's my lazy horse.(:
Cantering was another story. I've been really trying to get my seat just right and at the same time keep Howard balanced. We have gotten better but not quite there. But I believe that we can do it one day.
On another good note Howard's issue in the grooming stall at Horse Spa has almost vanished! Well, I wouldn't say "his" problem it's my problem too. But still. Yaaaay!!!

I don't even wanna look at you for making me stand in here.......

I've been good so I get a treat, right??


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  2. What do you do with your horses?? Do you show at all?