Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's just a part of life

I think winter has finally (and hopefully) settled in. For the past few weeks the weather has been a little bit bipolar. One day it's 67 with 20 mph winds and the next 40 with freezing rain. With this I haven't gotten out much to ride Howard. But, I've just given up on taking off and leaving on Howard's blanket, it's just gonna stay on for the rest of the winter. He won't sweat to death, his blanket is more like a wind breaker and rain coat.
Anyway on another note, my last two rides have been amazing. I've been really focusing on myself instead of blaming Howard. That alone makes my ride wonderful, mostly for Howard. Every time I finish, he is just so relax. I'm so happy with myself but mostly Howard.
Today, while Mom and I went out to go get Howard, he decided that it was play time. Eventually, he got all the horses going. It was a good lesson in what to do while the horses are running around. I told Mom to stay were she was so the horses could see her and when they got too close just wave  her arms. She did good. And in the end we laughed, but not when Howard ran into the gate. Thank goodness he's okay.


Last night, a little before midnight, my mom did her usually routine with letting our two beagle mixes, Chance (male, 6 years old) and Hunter (female, 2 years old) out one last time before bed. Like always, Hunter came in first. Mom waited for Chance for about 5 or 10 minutes. Nothing. She finally went out there to look for him. She found him in one of the corners of the yard, dead. 
We got him when he was three months old from a man that found him in his neighbor's yard with his dead mother and her two dead litters. We thought a puppy will bring energy back into our old Chow mix, Tasha (RIP). happened the other way around. He wasn't a morning dog and it was about noon before he ate his breakfast. He had quiet the personality. 
He was overall a great dog. We believe that he died of a heart attack or heart failure, we just hope he didn't suffer. My dad buried him next to his favorite spot to sun bathe. He will be greatly missed and have a special place in our hearts.
Chance's first night home.
Going for his first walk............sorta.
"Am I cute yet?"

Chance and Tasha

Chance graduate from obedience school at 6 months old
This is what Chance looked like every morning.

He would always find a comfortable to take a nap
Something's doesn't look right........
Hunter's first night home. Chance's first night of no rest.
Chance and Hunter begging for a dinner role at Thanksgiving. Last picture of him.

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